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Why Charter a Private Aircraft

There are lots of reasons most of us could name for choosing private air travel.  For the business traveler, it makes sense to reach your destination quicker and at a closer airport.  For the pleasure trip, the convenience of avoided stress of commercial airlines says it all.

At Bluegrass Aviation we take a more personalized approach to understanding why you may choose to "fly private".  We understand that when conducting business the quick access to multiple points is key, but we also take into consideration you are looking to get the most value possible from your trip and make sure we collaborate with you in making the best financial decision for your team.

Whether you are flying for work or pleasure we also put an emphasis on privacy and security.  In a world of social media and constant contact, it pays to be discrete and discerning on keeping your travel private.  Whether your taking into account corporate competition or the safety of your family, private travel allows for you to be in control from start to finish.

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Give us the opportunity to show you the benefits of aircraft charter.  We understand your time is valuable and information is key, so with a little basic information we can provide a no obligation quote to begin the conversation.

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